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Exploring Feelings With Jack O'Lantern Faces

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Happy Halloween!! This is one of my favorite ways to explore different feelings with little ones. I mean who doesn't love creating silly Jack O'lantern faces?! Enteracting and building their own faces allows little ones to better connect what that emotion is. Especially when you include great discussion questions to get them thinking about the feelings too.

Here are some of my go to questions when exploring feelings.

  • What does a happy face look like?

  • What makes you feel happy?

  • What sort of face do you make when someone plays your favorite game with you?

Another great activity I like using these Jack O' Lantern faces for is just learning about the face in general. Allowing your little one to place the eyes, nose and mouth on help them to learn about faces.

Some questions I like to ask when learning about the face:

  • How many eyes do you have? Noses? Mouths? Ears?

  • Can you show me your eyes? Nose? Mouth? Ears?

  • Where should the pumpkins mouth go?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring faces and feelings! With these pumpkins I decided to laminate the pieces and I put Velcro on the faces and the backs of the pieces so that we could use them again and again. If you are using these with a slightly older child I might not use the Velcro so that your little one can make faces however they would like. I was exploring where eyes go, where the nose goes and where the mouth goes so I had the Velcro to assist.

A great extension for this would be after practicing and playing with where the different parts of the face goes, you could give your little one pieces that they are about to glue down to make a face. You could even give them a few different faces so they could make different feelings for each pumpkin, maybe even help them write a story for each different face and why that pumpkin is feeling that way.

Feel free to tag me in any posts you make while exploring Jack O' Lantern faces-I can't wait to see what you and your little one discover while exploring faces.

Happy Exploring!!

Bonus Halloween Activity!

This is a great and simple activity for little ones who are working on scissor skills-for a bit more advanced scissor users but I just love the simplicity of this activity and there are endless ways to decorate the face of this ghost too.

A very surprised face Ghost! This one just has drawn on eyes but you can use paint or add googly eyes or cut out shapes for the eyes and mouth

Depending on scissor skill level I will cut out the outline of the ghost and so little ones can just focus on the swirl part.

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