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Merry Christmas Mistletoes-Christmas Crafts for Littles

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I had so much fun creating this adorable Christmas keepsake craft with my little one. It was our very first art exploration and will certainly not be our last!

I am a huge fan of all things hand and footprint related for little ones because it is such a fun, tactile way to explore new materials and your finished product will forever remind you of how tiny their little hands and feet once were.

Usually, most of the art projects that I do with little ones are things that the little's can create on their own-that way it is truly their project and not something that I did for them. However, Peanut is only 3 months old so this project was pretty much all adult made.

Setting up for success was key for this project. I had all of the canvases we were going to print on ready to go, the ink pad, and a wipe for cleaning up after. From there it was pretty straight forward I just pressed Peanut's foot onto the ink pad while she was laying down on her playmat, pressed her foot onto the canvas, and then repeated for all of her right footprints. Wiped her toes clean, onto the left foot, and done!

I absolutely LOVED having the ink for this project, it was so much easier to capture these tiny toes, and far less messy than paint would have been. I wanted to make sure I had something safe for Peanut's sensitive skin and this was perfect. I ordered from Amazon and this brand has so many different colors. So exciting! I can't wait for all the projects that we will be able to do and capture her little prints.

After Peanut went to bed I added a few words with these paint pens to finish up these little Christmas Mistletoes and Christmas Presents for the family are all done and ready to go! If you are looking for a quick, easy gift that your family will love I highly recommend giving this one a try and you don't have to be super artsy to end up with a beautiful finished product. If paint pens and handwriting on canvas are not your things you could always find some pretty sticker letters to finish off your canvas instead.

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