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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Hi! I'm Miss Alicia and I am so excited you are here checking out my page! I hope that I can help bring some creative explorations into your adventures with your little ones!

I have loved creating different activities to explore with little ones throughout my career so far. Working mostly with preschoolers and toddlers I have tested and tried out all the activities that I will talk about here on this blog. And now I am so excited to get to learn all new exploration activities with my own little one who I'll refer to as Peanut here on the blog. She is just 3 months old and is so curious about the world around her and I can't wait to help her explore and share it all with you too!

Please feel free to reach out if there is anything in particular that you want help setting up an exploration guide for your little one and check out my shop for some quick downloads or some more hands on activities I can help set up for your little one too!

Happy Exploring!

-Miss Alicia and Peanut

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